Wink Design is the studio of Brenda Bergen, located in Chicago. We work with luxury brands in the fashion, music, and culinary world to bring new brands to life and breathe new life into existing brands.

Wink Design Atelier is the creative studio of Brenda Bergen, a creative director and designer with a history of pushing the edge of traditional design to create unique, powerful experiences.

Brenda has an uncanny knack for finding balance in the combination of opposing forces. Through a collaborative process with her clients, she creates edgy yet approachable solutions that resonate with their customers and express the heart and soul of their brand.

Though Brenda studied and respects traditional design, she thrives on breaking the rules to create something unique and unexpected. Her collaborative process begins with an exploration of what client’s want from their audience. Then, through visual design, brand identity, packaging and product design, she creates a holistic experience that brings the heart and soul of a brand to the surface, evoking emotion and forming a connection with the audience. Brenda believes in pushing the boundaries of design, however, it does not come at the expense of understanding business or the commercial marketplace. Her longstanding clients have learned to trust her unorthodox explorations and thrive on her inspiring, contagious energy.